SKYRC E4Q 2-4S Multi Charger SK-100140 (Charging up to 4 batteries)
    Brand SKYRC
    Added 2019/05/15
    Updated 2019/05/15
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    This product is a special LiPo battery balance plug charger, which can charge 2S/3S/4S LiPo battery in 4 channals simultaneously. The main power supply is DC input, the port adopts XT60 type, the output port adopts special design interface, and the three kinds of batteries do not need Transfer board. Can be plugged in directly.


    SKYRC E4Q 2-4S Multi Charger SK-100140 (Charging up to 4 batteries)

    Size and Weight
    Net Weight:280g

    Buttons And Port
    The e4Q multi-function charger uses four completely independent but identical circuits with a power output of 50W per power. It is designed for charging 2-4 LiPo batteries. Insert the battery into the right connector of each port, charge The appliance will also charge 4 battery times. The charging current can be adjusted by pressing the button 2A / 3A / 5A The charging capacity can show the charging current in the LED indicator through the color change

    LED light
    LED light charging current display
    The first three-color LED lights represent Ampere (A)
    Green light(Charging current is 2A)
    Yellow light(Charging current is 3A)
    Red light(Charging current is 5A)

    The second tri-color LED light represent capacity (%)
    LED light standby status indication:Not bright
    LED light charging instructions:According to the power, the red light to the green light,And do breathing instructions
    LED Light charge finished indication:Accompanied by the sound of the alarm, after 5 flashes,LED glows constant green


    1 x charger


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