JST-XH/ XT90 40A Parallel Balance Charging Board V2
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    Added 2019/06/26
    Updated 2019/06/26
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    For Lipos with XT90 Connectors

    Connectors to battery: 6* XT90 connectors / 6* 2S-6S JST-XH Balance Ports

    Connector to charger: 4mm Banana Plugs / 6S JST-XH  

    Product specifications: 
    Using this balance board with compatible charger (charger not included), it can balance charge 6 sets of same type, same cell count  2-6S battery packs. It can support 6 groups of 2S, or 6 groups of 3S, or 6 groups of 4S, or 6 groups of 5S, or 6 groups of 6S for parallel balanced charging.


    JST-XH/ XT90 40A Parallel Balance Charging Board V2

    1. Balancing output cable uses 20AWG multi-strand silicone wire.
    2. The main output line adopts large-size 12AWG multi-strand high-quality silicone wire.
    3. Use high quality genuine AMASS gold plated high current plug.
    4. Thickened PCB copper foil, allowing safe passage of 40 amps of charging current.
    5. Use a safety fuse (50A) to protect the circuit.
    6. Use the LED indicator to show the working status.
    7. Add a cascade port to expand the charging port infinitely.


    1 x Parallel charging Board
    1 x  6S parallel cables
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