HL 2316 / 880KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
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    Brand HL
    Added 2014/03/17
    Updated 2014/03/17
    Tags: multi-rotor,  brushless  motor,  hengli 


    HL 2316 / 880KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

    Manufacturer code:  BM880-2316  (*  The coding method of this series from manufacturer is different to  most other manufacturers', the first 4-digits following letters BM stands for KV number, and the last 4-digit stands for size class) 
    KV: 880KV
    Net weight: 58g
    Cell number supported: 3S Lipo
    Working current: <19A
    Mounting hole spacing: 16mm / 19mm

    suggested prop size: 9 to 10 inch 2-blade; or 5 to 6 inch 3-blade

    * Photo is shared with other motors of the same series, please refer to specs section or product name section for KV number. 


    1 x motor
    1 x prop adaptor
    1 x screw bag
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