G.T. POWER V5 1-5S BALANCE CHARGER for NiCd/NiMH/Liplo/LiPo/Pb Batteries
    Brand GTPOWER
    Added 2008/03/26
    Updated 2014/11/15
    Tags: G.T._POWER_V5_1-5S_BALANCE_CHARGER_for_NiCd_NiMH_Liplo_LiPo_Pb_Batteries 


    This is the G.T. Power V5 1-5S Balance Charger
    ● G.T.Power V5 has an individual-cell-voltge balancer built in so it does not need a separate balancer when charging LiPo batteries.
    ●Maximum safety.
    ●High power and high performance circuit
    V5 employs the circuit that has maximum output power of 50W. As a result it can charge up to 14 cells of Nicd/NiMh and 5 series of LiPo batteries with maximum current of 5.0A.


    Description: G.T. POWER V5 BALANCE CHARGER

    Operating voltage range: 10.0-18.0Volt

    Circuit power: Max 50W

    Charge current range: 0.1-5.0A

    Current drain for balancing Li-Po: 200mAh/cell

    NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-14 cells

    Li-ion/Polymer battery cell count: 1-5 series

    Pb battery voltage: 2V to 12V

    Net weight: 360g

    Dimensions: 130×98×23mm


    1 x charger
    1 x Alligator Clips Cable
    1 x JST connector cable
    1 x Futaba connector cable
    1 x glow plug heater charging cable
    1 x temperature sensor
    1 x English manual
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