AOK BC168 1-6S 8A 200W Super Speed Balance Charger/Discharger
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    a. The charger is design for Li-polymer and Lithium Cell. Available to charge, balance, discharge, measure the series batteries accurately.
    b. The charger will use big LCD screen, available to indicate 6 Cell battery statuses.
    c. The charger use 4 button controls all function. 3 of the buttons are shortcut key, only need to press and then can finish charge, fast charge, balance, discharge all functions.
    d. This charger use high-precision battery detects PCB, the voltage control accuracy reach ±0.001V. the current control accuracy reach ±0.1A based on any situation of the battery. Once finished the discharge, the voltage tolerance of battery will be ≤0.002V.
    e. There is no conflit between each circuit. The power can maintain 8A output, all voltage, current will be display accordingly.
    f. Well designed for protection of whole circuit. The product will be stop working if there is exceed or overload.
    g. Automatic heat protection & thermal protection designed.
    h. The rate voltage for DC is 11V-15V when input voltage less 11V or over 15V, the charger will be under protection status and then indicate the error of wrong input voltage.
    This charger working with free option input current. The current formula as followings:
    Maximum Power / Input Voltage = Input current.
    Warning: The power supply can not work under full load; we need to work 10% tolerence space for input current.


    Input Voltage

    11~15V DC

    Input Wattage


    Charge Power

    200W (33W x 6Cells)

    Discharge Power

    25.2W (4.2W x 6Cells)

    Balance Power

    200W (33W x 6Cells)

    Charge Voltage Adjustable range

    1.50V~4.20V  ( Pre-set up 4.2V)

    Charge current Adjustable range

    0.1A~8.0A    ( Pre-set up 1.0A)

    Charge temperature alarm
    adjustable range

    20℃~80℃    ( Pre-set up 80℃)

    Discharge Voltage adjustable range

    2.00V~4.20V  ( Pre-set up 3.80V)

    Discharge current adjustable range

    0.1A~1.0A    ( Pre-set up 1.0 A)

    Balance Voltage adjustable range

    2.00V~4.20V  ( Pre-set up 3.80V)

    Balance current adjustable range

    0.1A~8.0A    ( Pre-set up 1.0 A)

    Charge Voltage Precision


    Discharge Voltage Precision


    Balance voltage Prcision


    Charge shift efficiency

    ≥ 80%

    Charger consumed power

    ≤ 1.8W(12V 0.15A)

    Suitable battery type

    1Cells ~ 6Cells
    ( Working well with LiPo/ Lilo / Life)






    1 x balance charger
    1 x temperature sensor
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