Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer
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    Added 2012/05/21
    Updated 2012/05/21
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    - RPM measurement range: 800 -4200RPM
    - 4-digit LCD screen display
    - Accuracy: +/-1 RPM
    - 10 Level aperture adjustment
    - Ultra-wide viewing angle
    - High-speed electronic shutter
    - Measurement remotely and non-contact
    - Simultaneous measurement of five sets of RPM
    - Super bright and stroboscopic light, which is suitable for dim indoor environment
    - It can measure RPM for tiny objects
    - Shut off automatically after no operation for 30 seconds
    - Power supply: CR2032/LIR2032 button battery
    - Operating battery drain: 3mA
    - Idle drain: 10uA
    - Lower battery alarm

    - RPM main rotor measurement for all kinds of helicopters
    - Calibrate timing belt
    - The speed measurement of vehicles with wheels
    - Dynamic balancing calibration for flywheels
    - Vibration frequency measurements


    1 x Tachometer
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