ZERO TECH YS-X6-P Multi-rotor Flight Controller | 256 Waypoints, Full features open
    SKU YS-X6P
    Brand ZERO UAV
    Added 2013/09/24
    Updated 2015/05/08
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    Zero UAV now combined the several different versions of YS-X6 to one edition, YS-X6 Professional adopts the most powerful and new built-in IMU component,expands the【Limited Edition】waypoints number up to 256  and comes with in-box full features open with no any range limitation, which created unlimited possibility for professional aerial flying tasks. Meanwhile, YS-X6 Professional shall be with brand-new level of professional customization to ceremoniously face high-end users who has any customization needs, become the first UAV multirotor control system with perfect customization level, and meet the most different higher requirements for professional flying tasks in field of professional aerial photography, remote sensing mapping, aerial prosfecting, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, security monitoring, forest fire prevention, electricity supervision. 

    Your reason to purchase:
    【Get almost all features that multirotor autopilot system can have】
    【[Limited Edition] waypoints number up to 256】
    【Coming with in-box full features open with no any range limitation】
    【Adopts the most powerful and new built-in IMU component】
    【Save US$3K more and get the best autopilot in the worldwide】 
    【The only one, it is worth to have】


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