Tarot 5D3 3-Axis Stabilized Brushless Gimbal TL5D001 for Canon 5D MARK 3 TL5D001
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    Tarot 5D3 3-Axis brushless gimbal is specifically designed for Canon 5D Mark III. Integrated all the high technology for all the Tarot gimbals. CNC processed and industrial integrated structure brings lightness and stability. It is the professional choice for aerial photography. With the optional handheld bar (TL5D001), it is also can be used as a handheld gimbal. Tarot 5D3 3-axis gimbal has accuracy computing system and individual IMU to control the movement and attitude. All power cable and signal wire are placed inside the rack and structure.  The innovative mechanical structure allows the operating speed controllable. The joystick movement is corresponding to axis speed; the bigger movement is, the faster axis speed will be.  

    Supports PC interface setting
    Attitude Lock (AL) mode
    Pan Follow (PF) mode
    First Person View (FPV) mode.
    Internal IMU module
    Servo driver module for Tarot gimbal
    Output AV port
    Shutter control
    Wide range of input voltage
    Supports S-Bus/PPM/DSM servo


    Tarot 5D3 3-Axis Stabilized Brushless Gimbal TL5D001 for Canon 5D MARK 3 TL5D001

    Angle control accuracy: ±0.02°
    Maximum control speed: PAN ±200°/s, TILT±200°/s, ROLL ±200°/s
    Control range: PAN ±360° continuingly, TILT-135°~+45°, ROLL ±48°
    Working voltage: 120mA (@25V) 180mA  3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
    Locked motor voltage: 4A (@25V)  8A (@12V)
    Working voltage: -20°C ~ 50°C
    Weight: 1.51Kg
    Size: 215mm x 240mm x 246mm
    PC system requirement: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 (32/64 bit)

    Support camera: CANON EOS 5D MARK III
    Support lens: CANON EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
    Input power for gimbal control: 3S~6S Lipo battery
    Receiver Channel: at least 4 


    1 x gimbal

    *Camera is NOT included.

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