Radiolink PRM-01 Power Return Module for AT9 AT10 transmitters
    SKU LD-PRM-01
    Brand RadioLink
    Added 2016/06/11
    Updated 2016/11/14
    Tags: Radiolink  PRM-01  Power  Return  Module  for  AT9  AT10  transmitters 


    Different sensors facilitate to monitor different data, such as fuel lever, speed, longitude, latitude, altitude, temperature, RPM, acceleration, etc. If the model is driven by battery, users could use in-built or external battery voltage sensor to monitor model’s battery voltage.


    Radiolink PRM-01 Power Return Module for  AT9 AT10 transmitters

    Item NO.: PRM-01
    Item Name: Power return module
    Dimension: 38*26*12mm
    Weight: 6.5g (without cable)
    Usage: Used for RadioLink AT9,AT10 transmitter
    Features: Display flight data on the transmitter screen
    Display Information Included: signal strength, receiver voltage, battery voltage, temperature, engine speed, GPS location


    1x RadioLink PRM-01 Power return module
    1x Data cable
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