Micro HDMI to AV Converter with RC Shutter (photo/movie) 3015M
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    The 3015M come with micro port, supports PAL or NTSC output that is adapted with SONY A5000, SONY A6000, GOPRO 3. 

    Remote control shutter can control photo shoot and video shoot.


    Micro HDMI to AV Converter with RC Shutter (photo/movie) 3015M 

    Connector type: input Micro HDMI ; output wires and connectors are not included. 
    Supported cameras:  A5000, gopro3, A6000

    Remote control method with 3-position switches:
    Position 1 (upper position) :  take photo
    Position 2 (middle position): stop 
    Position 3 (lower position):  video recording
    * Special hints:
    1.Before the device is powered on (including switch on camera or switch on the receiver), the 3-position switch of your transmitter must be set to "Stop" position (middle position), this is very critical for the device to work properly.
    2. When switching from "video recording" to "stop" or from "stop" position to "video recording", you must wait for at least 5 seconds, so as the camera can have enough time to response to the status change. Switching too fast may cause malfunction of your camera or even damage the video file.
    3. This device doesn't support high voltage receiver, the power supply of your receiver must be 4.8V to 6V

    * The card may not compatible with other types cameras other than the types listed.

    HDMI resolution setting of your camera must be set to "Auto" mode,  once change the HDMI resolution setting to "Auto", both the camera and HDMI/AV conversion module must be powered off and re-powered on, you should unplug the module and plug it back again to make sure the new setting will take effect. 


    1 x Micro HDMI to A/V conversion & remote control shutter card 3015M 
    1 x 3-core AV wire
    1 x 0.75mm POF optical fiber

    The operating method of this module is same to item SKU MNHDAVV2, so you can refer to instruction manual of MNHDAVV2 for reference. 


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