MFD 6CH Automatic Antenna Tracker (AAT) System - Standard Combo | Latest edition with V5 AAT Driver
    Brand MFD
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    Added 2012/06/02
    Updated 2018/07/12
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    The MyFlyDream Tracking system will work with almost every GPS that uses the NMEA standard.

    The TeleFlyOSD (not included) is connected to your GPS unit and transmits the GPS data to the ground via the audio channel of your AV transmitter. On the ground it is fed through the AAT (Automatic Antenna Tracker) to the MyFlyDream-Driver. The Driver handles the signal and controls the servos to turn the AAT.

    What makes the MyFlyDream Tracking System so special:

    - The high quality slipring provides endless rotation, meaning endless freedom, you will never again temporarily loose your signal because the tracker has reached its maximum rotation angle and is turning over to the other side.

    - The built-in compass unit makes setting up the tracker on the flying field a breeze. No need to check the correct orientation by hand or walk around with your plane in hand, just put your MyFlyDream AAT on a tripod or other support, connect everything with a power source, wait for a proper GPS fix, push "Set Home" and FLY. It´s as simple as that.

    -The TeleFlyLite weighs only 8g and is very small (46x25x7mm) . It can be added to almost every setup easily even where the space is very sparse and weight is always an issue.



    AATDriver x 1

    MyFlyDream 6CH Tracker x 1

    USB Programmer with cable x 1
    Blue teeth adaptor x 1 (Sharing GPS data to other devices like intelligent mobile phone or IPAD etc.)

    * GPS module and plate antenna are not included. You can use MFD 10hz GPS Module or other standard GPS modules.
    * TeleFlyPro OSD module is removed from the combo since Sep. 13 2015. 


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