LawMate 1.2G 1000mW FPV Transmitter (VTX) TM-121800
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    A compact 1000mW 1.2GHz A/V transmitter module designed for FPV use. An excellent quality unit that has 8 selectable frequencies and audio/video outputs. This transmitter will give you excellent range and very good video clarity.

    It utilizes a "Digital Phase Lock-Loop Circuit" without temperature drifting problems. It also features a highly integrated circuit board for ultimate reliability.

    Selectable channels: 1080 1120 1160 1200 1010 1040 1280 1280GHz

    • Compact size
    • Exceptional range
    • Excellent video clarity
    • Highly integrated circuit
    • Uses "Digital Phase Lock-Loop Circuit" with no temperature drift.


    LawMate 1.2G 1000mW FPV Transmitter (VTX) TM-121800

    Transmission Frequency: 1.2GHz
    Output Power: 1000mW
    Channels: 8
    Input Voltage: 5V
    Modulation Deviation: 2.8MHz FM modulation
    Sub-Carrier Frequency: 5.5MHz
    Video Input: Impedance = 75ohms
    Audio Input: Vp-p
    Operating Temperature: -10C~+40C
    Weight: 27.5g (transmitter only)
    Weight: 76g (transmitter, antenna and supplied A/V lead)
    RF Output Connector: SMA
    Dimensions: 60 x 25 x 11mm  

    Please check with your local authorities regarding operation of this equipment before you purchase. Regulations on power output, usable frequencies and licences to operate vary from region to region.


    1 x transmitting module (TX only)
    1 x antenna
    1 x power/AV cable

    1 x Receiver 
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