LIEBER 5.8G 32Ch AV Receiver + 2.4G WIFI Transmitter 2-in-1 (Wifi box)
    Brand LIEBERRC
    Added 2015/06/25
    Updated 2015/06/25
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    By using this AV Wifi transmitter, you can receive and view FPV image directly and conveniently on your smart phones or pads, both IOS & Andriod APPs are available.  
    Turn your iphone, ipad or Andriod smart phones to your FPV monitor. 

    Receiving AV signal from your VTX (video transmitter) and convert it to WIFI hotspot signals.

    Product Features 
     Receive AV signals from your video transmitter (VTX) and convert them to iPhone, iPad, and Android phone via 2.4G WIFI signals.
     WiFi transmission 
     Built-in 3.7V 3000mAh Lipo battery 
     Clients softwares available for both Andriod & IOS systems.
     Supporting taking picture or record video on your Andriod or IOS devices.
     Transmission distance with no obstacle 10 meters. 
     Multi-slave mode, allows multiple minitoring devices connected, each one can have their own monitor for a better viewing experience.


    LIEBER 5.8G 32Ch AV Receiver + 2.4G WIFI Transmitter 2-in-1 (Wifi box)

    Receiving frequency: 5.725-5.945GHz
    Receiving channel number: 32
    Transmission distance with no obstacle : 10m 
    Power supply: Built-in 3.7V/ 2000mAh Lipo (last around 2 hours in transmitting, 8 hours in sleeping mode)
    Consumption current: ≤300mA
    Weight: 160g (excluding antennas) 
    Dimensions: 70x 70x 25mm 

    Download Client APP:
    IOS        Andriod    (or download here.)


    1 x FPV Recever + Wifi transmitter 2-in-1

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