HiModel 1.4G Low Pass Filter LPF1400 | SMA plug to SMA jack
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    Added 2012/03/14
    Updated 2013/04/07
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    - Tiny size
    - Low weight, only 5g
    - Minimize the affection of 0.9G, 1.2G, 1.3G video Tx to the 2.4G radio Rx or GPS, extend your radio range.

    Install between transmitter and antenna.


    Low pass filter
    Impedance 50Ω
    Antenna connector: SAM standard (male / female) (one end SMA plug, another end SMA jack) Refer to here for connector type diagram
    Weight: 5g / 0.2oz
    Handles RF power up to 8 watts
    Characteristic impedance 50Ω.
    Cut frequency: 1.4G

    * This filter can only used for 1.4G or below video RX/TX system, does NOT suit for 2.4G or 5.8G system.


    1 x 1.4G frequency filter
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