Hawkeye Sharp Vision 7 inch High Brightness FPV Monitor/ Dual 5.8G Receiver - Professional
    Brand HAWK-EYE
    Added 2015/12/15
    Updated 2015/12/15
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    Special features:
    1. 700Lux high brightness.
    2. Dual 5.8G receivers
    3. No blue screen
    4. Auto/ manual channel scanning
    5. Voltage display, timer functions
    6. with 12V output


    Hawkeye Sharp Vision 7 inch FPV Monitor/ Dual 5.8G Receiver

    - LCD Screen: 7 inch
    - Pixel: 800 x 480
    - Brightness: 700Lux
    - Response time: 10ms
    - Power supply: 2-6S
    - Power output: 12V
    - Working current: 850mA @ 12V; 1.4A @ 7.4V
    - Max TF card supported: 32G (not included)
    - Receiving sensitivity: -93db
    - Antenna connector: RP-SMA, jack (monitor side)
    - Weight: 400g

    Channel Table

    A1:  5.645GB1:  5.740GC1:  5.725GD1:  5.733G
    A2:  5.665GB2:  5.760GC2:  5.745GD2:  5.752G
    A3:  5.865GB3:  5.780GC3:  5.765GD3:  5.771G
    A4:  5.705GB4:  5.800GC4:  5.785GD4:  5.790G
    A5:  5.885GB5:  5.820GC5:  5.805GD5:  5.809G
    A6:  5.905GB6:  5.840GC6:  5.825GD6:  5.828G
    A7:  5.925GB7:  5.860GC7:  5.845GD7:  5.847G
    A8:  5.945GB8:  5.880GC8:  5.865GD8:  5.866G


    1 x monitor
    1 x antenna

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