Foxeer Arrow HS1190 600TVL FPV Camera with OSD & Audio 2.8mm Lens - NTSC
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    The Foxeer Arrow HS1190 is the new, advanced version of Foxeer XAT600M, better known as the HS1177. The all new HS1190 Arrow camera brings a whole new range of functionality. It supports a 5-22V wide voltage range, and also has inbuilt OSD and microphone. Image quality has not suffered at all, and the Foxeer Camera is just as sharp as ever, providing a highly visibile FPV fly experience.

    The camera case is made of German PC, which can better survive from vibrations and crashes than PC / ABS blend thermoplastic. The all new plastic is highly resilient making the Foxeer Arrow HS1190 a vastly more survivable option than the old HS1177.

    The built in FPV exclusive designed OSD can display a name, live voltage, and flying time, which mitigates the need for an additional external OSD. Note that this OSD displays at 5 second intervals and is not always on. Additionally a build in microphone allows you to send a live audio feed back to the pilot, for those who want an even more immersive flying experience.

    The Foxeer HS1990 featuresw a hole new patented bracket, which is more secure, and includes two camera cases allowing you to choose the most appropriate mounting. Plastic rings set is also included, there can be a variety of assembly methods.


    Foxeer Arrow HS1190 600TVL FPV Camera with OSD & Audio 2.8mm Lens - NTSC

    - 600TVL high picture quality
    - Resolution: 650 tvl(b / w),600tvl(color)
    - Powerful OSD menu
    - D-WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
    - 2D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
    - Low Power Consumption(70mA)
    - Low illumination: 0.01Lux
    - Power supply: 5 - 22V
    - 2.8mm Lens
    - Video standard: NTSC
    - Dimensions: 25x25(W*L)


    1X Foxeer camera
    1x mounting bracket with hardware
    1 x camera cable with male servo connector
    1 x OSD cable
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