FPV 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver Wireless Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses SKY01
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    Special features:
    - Higher resolution display 854 x 480;
    - Head-track  function. (via Futaba radios)
    - 5.8G, 32 channels diversity receivers.
    - Integrated front camera, you can see the vision in front of you without removing the glasses.


    The FPV Google withBuilt-in 5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver and diversity Antenna inputs for best reception.It working in diversity mode to achieve good signal utilization and improve theimage quality.


    It supports 4 Bandsand total 32channels (Bands selection and Resulting Frequencies see details in Specifications


    Head Tracker

    Support Head-track  function.

    Front Camera

    · TheFront Camera is Wide-Angle Camera with 680X480(VGA) Resolution and good low Illumination. It's very convenient to view around without taking off the Goggles.

    · Press"Camera" button to open the Front Camera.        


    · Eachboot is automatically set to the lowest volume to avoid sudden loud boot.

    · Along beep indicates that you have reached the MAX or MIN Volume. .

    Display Setup   


    Interpupillary distanceIPDAdjustable


    · Pull the IPD Adjuster to adjust the interpupillary distance      

    Brightness/ contrast Adjustable

    AV input


    · Thegoggles support AV IN. The wireless model will close when the AV IN isconnected to save power.

    · TheFront Camera is ok for use under AV IN mode.

    AV output

    · AVOut is the diversity Video and Audio output

    · Earphoneport is audio output for connecting earphones.


    FPV 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver  Wireless Head Tracing GOGGLE/Video Glasses SKY01

    Compatible transmitters (the transmitter for RC model, not the video transmitter):
    FUTABA FF-7, FF-8, FF-9, T9Z, T12MZ and T14MZ & WFLY transmitters with trainer port.

    * Other types transmitter may not supported. JR transmitters are not supported, this is not because of the glasses, but because of the JR transmitter programe setting.


    Binocular Display


    30 degrees (Diagonal)


    854X480(WVGA),  1,229,760 color sub-pixels

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