FPV 5.8G 1500mW 32CH 3-6S Wide Range Voltage A/V Transmitter TS3215 | RP-SMA, jack
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    1) 3S-6S super wide voltage range. 
    2) 32 CH, compatible with 5.8g receivers. 
    3) 1500MW, 3000m transmitting distance in open area. 
    4) Detachable moisture-proof ABS shell, more simple installation. 
    5) Output voltage 12V/ 5V optional, you can select the output voltage by using the jumper to suit the power supply of your camera.
    6) Compatible with AAT antenna system using 6.0M, 6.5M audio coding  protocol.

    Special hints: 
    1. Output voltage selection can only be done while the system is powered off. 
    2. Antenna must be installed properly before power on the TX.
    3. Channel selection can only be done before the system is powered on.
    4. Output can only be used for camera, extra devices  connecting to the TX output may cause over current and burn the output circuit. 


    FPV 5.8G 1500mW 32CH 3-6S Wide Range Voltage A/V Transmitter TS3215 | RP-SMA, jack

    Transmitter power:1500MW 
    3000 transmission distance in open area 
    Input power:3S-6S 
    Antenna connection:RP-SMA Jack in transmitter unit  See connector type diagram 
    Plug in antenna 
    Antenna gain:3DBI 
    Working current:800MA/12V 
    Working temperature: -10℃~- 85℃ 
    Net weight: 36g( without shell); 46g(with shell) 
    Size: 64x 35x 27MM(with shell) 

    * Shell Color of different batches may vary,  there are black and white two versions, will send in random based on stock availability. 


    1 x A/V transmitter (TX)
    1 x antennas
    1 x wire set

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