FPV 2.4G 500mW A/V Transmitting/receiving System TS321/RC302 | RP-SMA, jack
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    Updated 2013/06/03
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    FPV 2.4G 500mW A/V Transmitting/receiving System
    Transmitting unit weight: 34.5g
    Power input: 12V ± 5%
    Receiving current: 100mA
    Transmitting current: 200mA
    Channel number: 8-ch
    Transmitting distance (air to ground): 1 to 2Km (for reference only, the distance may vary a lot depending on the environments)
    Antenna gain: 3db
    Video signal resistance: 75Ω
    Antenna connector: RP-SMA  jack (module side, both RX and TX)   Refer to here for connector type diagram
    Working frequency:

    CH1/CH5: 2410/2370MHz
    CH2/CH6: 2430/2390MHz
    CH3/CH7: 2450/2490MHz
    CH4/CH8: 2470/2510MHz


    1 x transmitting unit
    1 x receiving unit
    1 x basic wires

    * No instruction manual supplied with this product.
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