DJI DROPSAFE Drop Safe Speed Reduction System For S900, S1000
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    Added 2015/03/06
    Updated 2015/03/06
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    Innovative, Lightweight, Lightning Fast Deployment, Reusable.

    The DJI DropSafe is a new drop speed reduction system. In the event of an emergency, it deploys in less than half a second, and is effective at a minimum altitude of 6 meters. The reusable design weighs less than 550g, adding a high level of protection with very low added weight.

    Dual Safety Mechanisms & Self-checking LED

    The DropSafe has both electrical and mechanical safety mechanisms to ensure there is never any accidental deployment.

    *Electrical Safety: The electrical safety prevents the parachute from deploying within 9 seconds of the system being powered on.
    *Mechanical Safety: A removable safety pin prevents the triggering pins from making contact with the firing mechanism. Users must remove the safety pin before the first flight, and may choose to replace the safety pin after each flight.

    Also, a self-checking LED indicates the DropSafe system status. A green light will display after a full system check is complete, and other lights will display indicating different statuses.

    Compatible with DJI Flight Controllers and Platforms

    *Compatible with DJI S1000, S800 EVO, and S800 systems
    *Compatible with DJI A2 and WooKong-M flight control systems
    *Supports command inputs from RC transmitters
    *An independent RC control channel is reserved for parachute deployment. Additionally, a back-up battery safeguards the system, so if the main battery fails, users can still deploy the parachute manually.
    *Automatically cuts off motor power when parachute is deployed


    The DJI Dropsafe is designed to reduce the drop speed of your flght platform. There is no guarantee that it will protect your equipment, prevent injury, or prevent property damage.
    CO2 canisters are required and not included with the DJI Dropsafe. DJI assumes no liability for or damages or injuries incurred directly or indirectly from using CO2 canisters improperly or using CO2 canisters that don’t meet safety requirements or standards.

    Payload---Speed of Descent*
    3kg --- 4.4m/s
    6kg --- 5.6m/s
    9kg --- 6.8m/s
    12kg --- 8.6m/s
    15kg --- 11.7m/s


    DJI DROPSAFE Drop Safe Speed Reduction System For S900, S1000

    Hardware Requirement
    Supported Flight Control System A2  (NOT included)
    Supported Multi-rotor S1000+, S1000, S900
    Mechanical and Electrical Features
    Input Voltage 5V
    System Weight 550g
    Deployment Time 0.5s
    Minimal Deployment Altitude 6m


    1 x DJI Dropsafe speed reduction system

     CO2 canisters
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