AOMWAY 1200TVL 960P HD 2.8mm Lens Sony CCD Mini FPV Camera
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    Added 2015/12/15
    Updated 2017/12/26
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    -Small, Light, 16MP HD camera
    -With WiFi function, can download the APP "FIREFLY" or scan the two-dimension code above , to transmit the live image to your phone. 
    -Compatible with GoPro Camera accessories, includes batteries, gimbals and USB device etc.
    -More convenience for FPV system.
    -50HZ/60HZ light freqquency setting:When used in indoor, it can avoid the flashing lights.
    -Trun ON to reduce Fish eye effect.
    -Gyro Image stabilization

    * Please keep  the packing material, the serial number on the back of the box is the reference number for warranty. 


    AOMWAY 1200TVL 960P HD  2.8mm Lens Sony CCD Mini FPV Camera

    - Sony 1/3" HD sensor
    - 1200TVL 960P HD CCD
    - NTSC/PAL format adjustable via jumping
    - Low luminance sensor, better compatiblity with different environment
    - Zinc alloy case, weight only 22g.
    - Small unit size 26*25mm
    - 4.5-5.5V working voltage
    - 230mA working current
    - 2.8mm color lens
    - With Doupont and JST connect cable
    - With fIxing mount, convenient to adjust


    1 x 1200TVL camera
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