7 inch 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver FPV Monitor & DVR Recorder SKY-700D | Battery tray design
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    Added 2014/05/08
    Updated 2014/06/12
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    1. Built-in Dual Receiver Automatically for best reception Automatic Antenna Switching 
    2. Not affect by 2.4GHz R/C Radios 
    3. Small, light weight, durable 
    4. No Blue Screen, Black Screen, Flash Screen 
    5. Folding sunshade 
    6. 2 DC port 
    7. Wide power input range, Support 2S to 6S Battery 
    8. USB port for connecting to PC or upgrade 
    9. 4 Bands and total 32 Channels 
    10. Battery compartment design, you can use your current 2S Lipo as internal power supply. (Only 2S Lipo accepted when use built-in battery compartment.)


    7 inch 5.8G 32CH Diversity Receiver FPV Monitor & DVR Recorder SKY-700D

    1. Screen: 7 inch TFT LCD Screen/long life, LED backlight 
    2. Resolution: PAL(720×576)、NTSC(720×480) 
    3. Dynamic image:MP4, mono audio channel 
    4. Storage:RAM(around 128MB)、Mini SD(TF) Card(support 32GB in max) 
    5. AV output: mono audio channel、video output 
    6. AV input: mono audio channel、video input 
    7. Working Voltage: DV 6-36V(center positive) or 2s to 6S Li-battery   (Internal battery compartment support 2S Lipo)
    8. Size: 180mm x 125mm x 35mm 
    9. Antenna Connection: SMA Jack (center hole) 
    10. Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual diversity receiver automatically for best reception 
    11. TF card slot support TF card unto 32GB 
    12. AV output and 1CH AV input 
    13. Language : English、Chinese、German、French 
    14. Menu List: Loop Record/Date Stamp/Memory Info/Format/Language/Date/Time/Default/Beep/TV 
    Standard/Battery Type/LCD Brightness/LCD Full Screen/Version 


    1 x monitor
    2 x 2db antennas
    1 x power input cable
    1 x AV input cable

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