5.8G 32Ch AV Transmitter + OSD (Built-in 10 Axis AHRS, MAVLINK Protocol) SKY-S60
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    Added 2015/07/03
    Updated 2015/07/03
    Tags: 5.8G  32Ch  AV  Transmitter  +  OSD  (Built-in  10  Axis  AHRS,  MAVLINK  Protocol)  SKY-S60 


    The SKY-S60 boasts an impressive new feature; with built-in OSD (On Screen Display). It provides
    flight data output function such as satellite count, battery voltage, flight time, latitude/longitude,
    altitude, horizontal distance, horizontal speed, vertical speed, and flight mode. It’s compatible to all
    fly controllers.

    ●Dual color dot-matrix OLED display, high contrast and brightness, also visible under the sun,
    direct frequency, channels and reference transmit power display, supply voltage and current
    instructions, video mode instructions, the serial interface baud rate indicates
    ●Power: 600mW, >=1km open distance with 2dbi Omni-directional antenna
    ● Automatic video mode switching(NTSC/PAL)
    ● 2 OSD panel, 3 display modes (OSD panel 1, OSD panel 2, OSD off) switch with the remotechannel
    ● Built-in 10-axis AHRS attitude detect, contains a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro meter, 3-axisdigital compass, barometric altimeter
    ● Support all of the flight controllers, easy to install and use
    ● Support MAVLINK protocols
    ● Support GPS
    ● Suitable for airplanes, cars, and boats


    5.8G 32Ch AV Transmitter + OSD (Built-in 10 Axis AHRS, MAVLINK Protocol)  SKY-S60


    1 x 5.8G 32Ch AV Transmitter + OSD

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