5.8GHz 32CH 7 inch Wireless & DVR Monitor RC800 (all-in-one)
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    Looking for an all-in-one solution for your FPV ground station?  
    This kit integrated monitor, 32-channel wireless A/V receiving, DVR (video recording) in one unit.

    Further more, it has the following special innovative special features:
    1. OSD menu displays working frequency, battery level etc on the monitor screen.
    2. Switching channels of wireless AV transmitter & receiver synchronously by the model remote control (Special TX must be used for this function, refer to instruction manual for details)
    3. ATT antenna tracking supported. 


    5.8GHz 32CH 7 inch LCD Monitor W/ DVR (Video recording) Function RC800 (all-in-one)

    Resolution:7″ 800*480 HD Screen;   PAL(720×576), NTSC(720×480) 
    Dynamic image:MP4, mono audio channel 
    Storage:RAM(around 128MB)、Mini SD(TF) Card(support 32GB in max, card is NOT included) 
    Wireless receiver:5.8G 32CH;

    Input and Output port 

    AV output: mono audio channel; video output 
    AV input: mono audio channel; video input 
    DC IN:7-28V 
    AAT OUT port 
    DATA OUT port 

    * The fabric hood (sunlight shield) supplied with the monitor is a common type which doesn't fit perfectly to this monitor, it is slightly bigger than the monitor, and the antenna hole is also on opposite side, please only buy this monitor if this is acceptable to you.


    1 x monitor
    1 x light shield (Fabric hood)
    1 x USB cable
    1 x AV cable
    1 x DC cable
    1 x AAT data cable
    1 x channel switching wire

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