3rd Axis Expansion Board for BGC 2-axis/ 2-axle Gimbal Controller | Official Version
    Added 2013/09/05
    Updated 2013/09/05
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    This is the official version 3rd Axis expansion board for BGC Universal 2-axis/ 2-axle Brushless Gimbal Controller

    For more information and trouble shooting, please refer to developer's official website: http://www.simplebgc.com/eng/downloads/


    3rd Axis Expansion Board for BGC Universal 2-axis/ 2-axle Brushless Gimbal Controller

    Connection diagram
    (this product is the 3rd axis expansion board only, other accessories are not included and for illustration purpose only)

    a. Connection with other official accessories 

    b. Connection with BGC2.0

    Note about brushless gimbals & Controllers:

    Brushless gimbals and controllers are very new to the market and it is an emerging technology. You will need some patience and effort to get it to work as seen on youtube etc.. THIS IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE!
    You will need some understanding of Microsoft windows drivers, software settings and tuning the gimbal software to your liking and to suit your multirotor.
    Getting things to work the way it’s supposed to will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Please understand this before you purchase any Brushless Gimbal Related Item. 



    1 x 3rd axis expansion board
    1 x metal terminals

    1 x BGC 2-axis gimbal controller system


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