2.4G RC Model Telemetry System (date reception, processing, display)
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    Function supported:

    (Special hint: Except the 6S voltage monitoring function which is always enabled, there are only two spare sensor ports, one is specifically for temperature sensor, another can be any other sensor. In other words, you can only plug a temperature sensor and one any other sensor simultaneously, for example, temp. + GPS, or temp. + current, or temp. + RPM etc.

    1. 2.4G real-time data collection and transmission, transmission distance is > 300
    2. Model of the battery voltage real-time acquisition, storage, analysis, voice
    3. Two temperature sensors, It will be voice alarm if the temperature exceeds the
    set safety , and temperature alarm can be set accordingly.
    4. Model discharge current sensor, the sensor internal resistance is
    approximately 0.002 ohms (the test current is 50A).
    5. infrared photoelectric rotating speed sensor, 60000 RPM maximum test range.
    6. Model aircraft lost track, search, search range > 80 meters.
    7. Motor rotate speed, KV value test.
    8. Model battery discharge characteristics, test of internal resistance, C
    value ,discharge current.
    9. Model battery discharge voltage, current, temperature curve data storage,
    view and analysis.
    10. Model battery discharge statistics.
    11.GPS ....


    1. 2.4G receiving host, all the functions of information reception, processing,
    2. 2.4G transmitter, model voltage, temperature collector, voltage test
    precision is 0.01V, error is 0.5%.
    3. Model current collection sensor, test precision is 50mA, 1% error.
    4. Infrared photoelectric speed sensor, the test error is 0.2%.
    5. 2 temperature sensor, the test precison is 1 ℃, error about 1.5%.


    1 x data receiving unit
    1 x data transmitting unit
    1 x GPS module
    1 x RPM sensor
    1 x current sensor
    1 x temperature sensor (2 ways)
    1 x AC power adaptor
    1 x USB cable
    1 x manual
    1 x receiving unit battery

    Instruction manual



    1. Voice prompt only available in Chinese language currently.
    2. The manual language is switchable between Chinese and English.
    3. The GPS requires the power input should be no lower than 3S Lipo.
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