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SJM325 LE Carbon-Fiber & Metal 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit W/ESC, motor
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This is the SJM325 light weight edition.

●Kit weight:460g
● RTF weight::850g
● Kit width::120mm
● Kit height:220mm
● Main rotor diameter:760 mm
● Main rotor specification:315-330mm
● Flybar rod: 240mm
● Tail rotor diameter:150mm
● Main shaft diameter:Ø6mm
● Tail rotor shaft diameter:Ø3mm
● Tail boom diameter (outer):15mm
● Main rotor:Changeable screw distance
Adjustable mixing control;
● Revolving swash plate: ccpm120 degree
● Main drive gear:M0.6 125T
● Speed ratio of main and tail drive gear:1:4.8

Download Spare Parts List for SJM325 LE version here.


1×SJM325 kit
1×brushless motor
1×40A ESC
1× decal
1× main blades (plastic)

* Only electronic version Manual is available, which can be downloaded from the link below the product image on this page.
* The white plastic part like a bottle in the kit is the canopy, you need to do some DIY work on it.
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