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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric NINE EAGLE Combat Twister 2.4G Electric Helicopter RTF NE R/C 210A x2 (Mode 1)
SKU:  NE210A
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NINE EAGLE Combat Twister 2.4G Electric Helicopter RTF NE R/C 210A x2 (Mode 1)
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  Tags: NINE  EAGLE  Combat  Twister  2.4G  Electric  Helicopter  RTF  NE  R  C  210A  x2  Mode  1 

For single blade beginners,
Anyone with no experience can fly our single blade helicopter. this is the real beginner helicopter.
Stable Indoors:there are two speed for your choice. Once you choose the primary speed, Even Beginners can fly easily and stably indoors. the same stable as coaxial helicopter.
It is not so easy to crash as the traditional single blade helicopter.
Model No: NE R/C 210A

Rotor Diameter: 7.40''(188mm)

Overall Length: 8.39''(213mm)

Weight: 1.09oz.(31g)

Power System: Φ6mm Motor x2pcs

Stick mode of transmitter: mode 1 (throttle on right hand)
2 x 210A helicopters
2 x 2.4G transmitters
2 x 3.7V 150mAh Lipo
2 x mini screw drivers

Everything required for flight except the batteries for transmitter (transmitter batteries are removed due to shipping restrictions).

* No charger included, the battery is charged by plugging into the transmitter charging jacket.
* The manual come with the kit is in Chinese, refer to here for English version manual .
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